Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Conway, Arkansas

Job description

  • LPNs shallbe constantly aware of safety considerations and well-being of patients as well as the cleanliness and sanitation of the environment.
  • Patients are never to be left unattended or in unsafe situations.
  • Patients shallalways be under personnel supervision, unless otherwise specified in the treatment plan.
  • At the direction of the supervisingnurseor physician, or as advised, LPNs shallperform functions as specified in allfederal, state, departmental, and institutional procedures, policies, guidelines, administrative orders, directives, and applicable regulations.
  • All goals for patients on LPNs assigned to unit shallbe implemented and documented as requiredand in accordance with the applicable professional principles and practices.
  • LPNsshall ensure that activity schedules are current and followed by all assigned personnel.
  • LPNs shallwork closely with the physician, unit personnel, and other health team members to provide optimum care for each client in the assigned units, including a safe environment.
  • LPNs shallalways be alert for safety concerns and/or unusual events and shallpromptly report them.
  • Any deviation or suspected deviation from the norm for a client shallbe immediately assessed and reported to the assigned supervisorand as required by DHS Facility policy and procedure.
  • LPNs shalluse the steps of the nursing process in all client care areas.
  • These steps include assessment, planning, implementation or intervention, and evaluation.
  • Although LPNs are not responsible for writing formal client care plans, the LPN’s professional knowledge, skills, and judgment are essential for accurate client assessment, a realistic plan of care, effective intervention, and ongoing client evaluation.
  • All medications and treatments prescribed by the physician shallbe transcribed, prepared, administered, and recorded with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy. LPNs shalluse all means available to ensure accurate identification of each client for each medication administration. Errors, actual or suspected, shallbe reported immediately.

Shift Information

  • Services may be required on a seven (7) day per week basis and to cover all shifts and/or during a 12-hour shift. Assignments by day or shift, including starting time and hours, will be at the discretion and needs of the DHS Facility.
  • Present Nursing Shifts: (subject to change)

The shifts are 6:30a-7:00p every day of the week and PRN, 2:30p-11p Friday and Saturday and PRN, 10:30p-7:00a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and PRN, and 6:30p-7:00a PRN.

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Title: Licensed Practical Nurse

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Duration: 6+ Month

Job Nature: Full Time

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