Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Little rock, Arkansas

Job description

  • LPNs shall be constantly aware of safety considerations and well-being of patients as well as the cleanliness and sanitation of the environment. Patients are never to be left unattended or in unsafe situations. Patients shall always be under personnel supervision, unless otherwise specified in the treatment plan.
  • At the direction of the supervising nurse or physician, or as advised, LPNs shall perform functions as specified in all federal, state, departmental, and institutional procedures, policies, guidelines, administrative orders, directives, and applicable regulations.
  • All goals for patients on LPNs assigned to unit shall be implemented and documented as required and in accordance with the applicable professional principles and practices. LPNs shall ensure that activity schedules are current and followed by all assigned personnel. LPNs shall work closely with the physician, unit personnel, and other health team members to provide optimum care for each client in the assigned units, including a safe environment.
  • LPNs shall always be alert for safety concerns and/or unusual events and shall promptly report them. Any deviation or suspected deviation from the norm for a client shall be immediately assessed and reported to the assigned supervisor and as required by DHS Facility policy and procedure.
  • LPNs shall use the steps of the nursing process in all client care areas. These steps include assessment, planning, implementation or intervention, and evaluation. Although LPNs are not responsible for writing formal client care plans, the LPN’s professional knowledge, skills, and judgment are essential for accurate client assessment, a realistic plan of care, effective intervention, and ongoing client evaluation.
  • All medications and treatments prescribed by the physician shall be transcribed, prepared, administered, and recorded with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy. LPNs shall use all means available to ensure accurate identification of each client for each medication administration. Errors, actual or suspected, shall be reported immediately.

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Title: Licensed Practical Nurse

Location: Little rock, Arkansas

Duration: 6+ Month

Job Nature: Full Time

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